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Terms of Service | TL-Pharmacy

Mar, 2 2023| 0 Comments

Read the Terms of Service for TL-Pharmacy, your trusted online pharmacy. This page outlines your obligations as a user, our intellectual property rights, and your acceptance of these terms by using It's essential to regularly review our terms as they govern your access to comprehensive health-related information and services. Contact Amelia Blackburn for any queries.

Privacy Policy

Mar, 2 2023| 0 Comments

This Privacy Policy for TL-Pharmacy outlines our commitment to protecting your personal information. We detail the types of data collected, use of data, and protective measures. Learn about your privacy rights and how to contact us for any privacy-related queries. This document also includes the owner's contact information.

GDPR Compliance

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This page provides information on TL-Pharmacy's commitment to GDPR compliance and the protection of personal data. It explains the personal data we collect, how we use it, the rights of our users, and the measures we take to protect personal data. It also includes contact information of our data protection officer, Amelia Blackburn.